Isostatic Porcelain Press


Up to % 80 Energy Save

  • Isostatic presses make a difference with its integrated structure, modern lines and low energy consumption.
  • It is placed in a horizontal position, fast and reliable with its 4 column high strength steel structure.
  • The integrated structure provides ease of assembly and disassembly.
  • The company provides a great advantage in forward-looking 5S and settlement change studies.
  • The adjustable anchor plates at 6 points are used to balance and easily anchorage the damaged floors.

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İzostatik pres

Porcelaine machine


Tableware processing machines

Valf bloğu

sostatic Press

  • Hydraulic tanks and equipments, pneumatic equipments and distribution panels, electricity Hydraulic power unit, hydraulic contol block, pneumatic equipments, electricity distribution panels are all gathered on the main structure with mono block lower body.
  • Isostatic presses, completely isolated system and servo motor technology, up to 25 dB less noise
  • The hydraulic pump driven by the servo motor provides up to 80% energy saving compared to other presses.
  • High sensivity and repeatability on pressure (1-2 bar) and position control.
  • Hydraulic control blokcs which gathered on hydraulic unit.
  • Less and on/off hydraulic valves with servo technology.
  • Fast fault dedection and diagnosis.
  • Low hydraulic spare part costs due to not use any proportional valve.
  • Less cooling water comsuption with servo technology.

Keywords : Porcelain Machine, Ceramic Machine, Porcelain Press, Ceramic Press,…


Porcelaine machine