It was established as an engineering company focused on robot automation and special machine design/manufacturing for production systems, with its experienced and specialized staff in the field of machinery and automation for many years.

In 2017, the company introduced to the industry its first first (SVP unit-equipped) 450 Tons Servo-Hydraulic Isostatic Press, entirely patented and designed by He-Pro.

Aligning with the industry’s needs, He-Pro Mechatronics has expanded its portfolio by manufacturing 650 Tons Servo-Hydraulic Isostatic Presses, 150 Tons Servo- Hydraulic Isostatic Presses, Glazing Machines, Foot Grinding Machines, and Dual- Color Glazing Machines, ensuring continuous growth.

As of now, there are 46 Isostatic presses equipped with Servo Motor Driven Hydraulic Power Units in use by customers, with 71 units having undergone power unit adaptation with the Servo Motor Driven Hydraulic Power Unit. These figures exclude units and presses currently in the order, material delivery, or production stages.

Since February 2023, He-Pro Mechatronics has been operating in a new modern facility and factory building spanning 16,800m2, with 12,500m2 of it being enclosed space.

With its accumulated know-how and experienced team, He-Pro is capable of establishing turnkey tableware production facilities.